A year long rite of passage

The Transition Ceremony

 The world has shifted. Will you?

The next Transition Ceremony

European ceremony starts 4th of November 2021

There’s no going back.

Navigating the time of personal and global transition requires a shift of consciousness from separation to unity, from ego to eco, from individual to collective. Few of us can achieve this fully but with the right process and the right container we have proved that we can achieve a profound shift.

It starts with you!

A Transition Ceremony is an ancient rite of passage. For millennia, it has enabled those with courage to let go of one phase of their lives and transition into the next. “Shifted” is rigorously based on the questing process yet deepens and accelerates it using practices drawn from forefront neuroscience.

It’s proven online format is woven into your daily life and supported by both individual work and communal ceremonies. It enables you to access the power of nature and realise the potential of consciousness practices.

The “Shifted” tribe creates a community of fellow pilgrims who support one another to manifest the shift over the ensuing year.

“There’s a thread you follow. It goes amongst things that change but it does not change. While you hold it you cannot get lost”

William Stafford

When we hold this thread we can relax and feel part of something infinitely larger. “Shifted” offers a proven way of achieving this. Whilst we undertake this personally, we do it in service of our children, our communities, our colleagues and humanity as a whole.

How does “Shifted” do this?

Integrate intuitive, emotional, rational and embodied ways of knowing

Let go of patterns that keep you stuck in your separate self

Gain profound insight into what life wants of you now

Develop the skills needed to manifest this insight for all the world to see

Participate in a co-creative community that supports your shift

Phases of the Ceremony


Letting go of who you
thought you were. An intense day and a half to process your patterns and prepare you to enter the liminal space.


Opening yourself to profound insight beyond the intellect. A 10 day personal ceremony of deep connection to what your life is teaching you.


Making the insight real, tangible. Using the Shifted community to support your personal transformation in being, doing and connecting.

Powerful, useful and enjoyable - does what it says on the tin. I’ve appreciated it personally, and also as a practitioner it has opened my eyes to the potential of doing transformational and creative work in online groups

Ed Rowland

Systemic Leadership Coach, Trainer, Author & Founder

The Whole Partnership

It is a really good thing that, in difficult times, there is a wonderfully designed “room” in which it is possible to look at things more closely and deeper. This exceptional framework, coupled with conversations of extraordinary quality, made it possible for me to draw strength from the corona crisis and to take an important step in my development.


Elisabeth Leyser

Business Leader & Board Member

The programme, rooted in deep transformation work, supported me in experimenting with different levels of knowing. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of emerging patterns and how the new comes to life. The virtual format, the assignments as well as working in virtual trios, was done from home and during our ordinary life (eg. being a dad, running a company). For me, this made the transfer into real life and shifting my own patterns, much easier. The learning was done in my own environment and could be immediately applied. Especially important for me was to ground my experience in my own daily morning routine which will last on. Very grateful for being part of this community.


Tom Strasser-Neuhofer

Managing Partner


“There’s nothing as practical as a good theory” – Kurt Lewin

Read about the hypothesis and theory which informs the Transition Ceremony.


Upcoming Ceremonies

European ceremony starts November 4th 2021


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