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The disruptors. The curious. The tribe builders, disinterested in going it alone.

We’re not gurus. We know you have the insights needed to solve your own challenges.
We provide the tools and the time needed to turn insights into action, clarity into flow.


Challenging times call for challenging our ways of thinking and doing. The traditional approaches in business are quickly losing their touch. The traditional structures, processes and frameworks are becoming restrictive.

Grounded in over 40 years of field based Organisational Design & Development, Fieldwork is committed to freeing organisations’ ways of thinking, doing and being to allow them to flow.

Organisations aligned towards a clear, unique and shared purpose

Autonomous, self-organising teams that deliver

New skills and frameworks that help communication and creativity

Creating drive in your team to be the best they can be and master their skill sets

More enjoyable and fulfilling work environments

Improved professional relationships


"It's easier to act your way into a new way of thinking, than think your way into a new way of acting."
Jerry Sternin

So, this probably won't work for you if...

You just want to use up unspent budget

You think it sounds easy

You just want a new ‘t-shirt’ to wear

Here are the reasons to do it...

You recognise there are challenges you’re ready to overcome in order to move forward

It sounds scary and intriguing and everything you’ve tried before hasn’t worked

You know there are untapped abilities within yourself and your teams that you’re ready to unleash

You know your organisation and leadership are ready to grow into their full potential

You’re ready to invest in fun and hugely rewarding work



Systemic Change – Welcoming the ‘Elephant in the Room’

Often the presenting issue is actually the symptom. The real issue is systemic. We’ll find it and welcome it into the room, in a sensitive and appropriate manner so that it can be seen, understood and resolved.

Finding Purpose – Unveiling the clear path to success

We see many organisations that have hit a ceiling or barrier to success. They don’t understand why they can’t scale or grow; taking on more people but revenue doesn’t increase and staff don’t stay. Whatever the growth issue is it’s often due to systemic issues that arise from a lack of purpose. We use proven techniques to enable leadership to discover the organisation’s unique purpose and use it to pave a clear path to success.

Growing Leaders – Establishing a Leadership Pipeline

‘The secret to becoming a great leader is recognising the greatness that lies in others’ (John Adair). You have to lead from the front, so the first part of this work establishes the leader you know you are. You can then apply the same principles to the emerging leaders in your organisation, creating the pipeline of great people who will take the organisation forward to the next level.

Mirror Coaching – Listening and playing back

In many of the organisations we work with, we coach employees and leaders. We use processes that help the coachee see themselves from another perspective and that clear solutions to the challenges they face are completely within their grasp. Our coaching is not based on listening and then relying on ‘knowledge’, rather it is based on mirroring back what was said in a more succinct and simple way, creating commitment and action.


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