Working with our clients to co-create more fulfilling organisations is our collective Purpose.

We believe there are better, more fulfilling ways of humans working together. Our exploration into this belief developed into Fieldwork.

We pride ourselves in continually honing the following skills:

Harnessing the power of great questions to get great answers

Frameworks and processes that enhance the co-creative space that leads to breakthrough and clarity

Assertiveness, empathy and grounded connection needed to hold space, mentor, coach and facilitate teams and individuals

Great communication hygiene to maximise idea flow and minimise frustration

Ongoing understanding and experience of the good, the bad and the ugly of organisational design from SME to Enterprise


We’re very grateful to be standing on the shoulders of giants.

Great thinkers such as Ken Wilber, Dan Pink, Frederic Laloux and Otto Scharmer are just four examples of the amazing human beings who inspire and inform our work.

Over the past seven years, whilst continuing to offer this work in the Enterprise and Multinational arena, we are now bringing this work to the SME space because we recognise that the SME businesses of today are seeding the change for tomorrow.


Nic Turner

For the last thirty years, Nic has led the evolution of innovation and creativity in some of the world’s biggest businesses. His work is based on a life time’s study of ancient and modern wisdom paths including Native American Earth Wisdom, Gestalt Therapy, Systemic Constellations and the Diamond Approach.

After a career leading transformation in WHSmith, DIA and Boots, he co-founded 'Nowhere' - an international creativity consultancy, where he led the strategic and cultural consultancy practice.

He is the founder of “The Land" project, an experiment in the future of community.

Phillipa Bray

Prior to setting up her own Coaching business, Phillipa gained 20 years’ experience managing expansion projects for large blue chip companies, that ultimately saw her based in New York City, supporting the UK/US Boots merger.

Through her specialism in Action Methods and Creative Coaching Techniques, Phillipa ensures true embodiment of the change processes that ensure long lasting transformation.

Now, her focus lies in exploring the power of reconnecting with nature in the search for ‘Purpose’ and she compliments her work in this field with her ongoing personal development and rejuvenation through nature questing.

Amit Zala

Amit and Fieldwork are on a mission to catalyse the world’s transition into authentically purpose driven organisations.
Having a deep interest in personal development coupled with an entrepreneurial background, Amit found himself passionately exploring various narratives that could help him understand the current state of the world and its challenges.

This journey led him to a much deeper dive in his own developmental journey.
Alongside his work as a leadership coach and organisational consultant, Amit has dedicated the last ten years of his life to studying and self applying Earth Wisdom practices in order to build this deeper and more interconnected understanding of the self.

Amit is currently focused on helping leaders of today step gently into the journey of becoming the leaders the world now needs. You can read some of his current thinking here. He has supported leaders in large organisations such as Vodafone and Mars right through to smaller SME businesses.

Kate Tyler

In her role as "Chief Sorter", Kate supports Fieldwork with accounts, admin and anything else that needs sorting. Kate takes care of getting the right people in the right place at the right time with all the resources they need. Kate has been at Fieldwork since 2019 and migrated her job title with her from her previous role with SiteSmart - a digital design consultancy.